C60 Avocado oil with 99.99% Carbon 60 – 100ml


99.99% pure carbon 60 with Australian Avocado Oil

Saturation of 0.9mg/ml with additional Ultrasonics added to our process

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99.99% pure carbon 60 with Australian Avocado Oil

  • Manufacture of our 99.99% purity of carbon 60 is supported by certificate of analysis is ISO certified and is FDA approved.

100ml of Australian Avocado Oil fully saturated with solvent-free, research grade Carbon 60 (0.8 mg / ml).

Made in Australia at Pharmaceutical Quality Facility.
Australian Avocado’s.
Cold-pressed to retain ant-oxidant & nutrients.

Saturation of 0.9mg/ml with additional Ultrasonics added to our process

Ultrasonic Dispersion of C60 into Supplements Ultrasonic dispersion is the superior method to blend C60 homogeneously into a stable oil-based supplement. The mild, precisely controllable ultrasonic treatment ensures that the C60 molecules are kept intact for best results. The ultrasonically blended nano-structured formulation results in optimal bioavailability of C60. Stable, High-Performance C60 Mixture with Ultrasonics C60 oil has been shown to elongate rats’ life span by approx. 90%. The life-prolonging effect of C60 is its ability to quench various free radicals, acting as a free radical scavenger. For oral administration, C60 powder must be dissolved in a high-quality food-grade oil such as olive, linseed, avocado or coconut oil. For high bioavailability, the encapsulation in liposomes (nano-sized lipid carriers) is required. C60 molecules are known for their extremely low water solubility, but even when C60 is mixed into vegetable oil it does not have a good bioavailability. This makes it a demanding task to formulate a supplement with the desired life-prolonging effects. To overcome the problem of lacking bioavailability, the C60 molecules must be encapsulated into liposomes. Ultrasonic emulsification is a well-established efficient technique to form nano-droplets and liposomes. C60 in liposomal form has superior bioavailability. C60-loaded liposomes are even water-soluble so that the C60-liposome complex can be processed further into water-based final formulations. Click here to learn more about the ultrasonic liposome preparation! With ultrasonics, Carbon 60 (C60) can be efficiently encapsulated into liposomes – resulting in superior bioavailability!


Benefits of Ultrasonics

  • Mild treatment
  • Intact C60 molecules
  • Liposomal encapsulation
  • Excellent bioavailability
  • Fast preparation
  • Stable formulation




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